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FREE DELIVERY now offered on all LIHA, LORD & BERRY, KERA HEALTH and STUDIO 10 brands
FREE DELIVERY now offered on all LIHA, LORD & BERRY, KERA HEALTH and STUDIO 10 brands

Meet Us

Content Director

Faye Evans

I'm Faye, a busy, sociable Mum of three. I love being out and about with my family, the best days are the ones spent outside, on the beach or at the farm! After busy days, I love to catch up with friends for dinner or drinks . . . . I also secretly love a quiet evening in with my husband in front of Netflix! I truly believe that laughter is the best medicine (as well as prosecco!) I love Studio 10 plumping blush as it keeps my 37 year old complexion looking young and fresh, plus it's so easy and quick to apply! Studio 10 products are available to shop here, and don’t forget you can contact us for advice on how to use them.
Creative Director

Charlotte Davenport

Hi I’m Charlotte, Like many people I try and fit far too much into my schedule! I run a busy salon with my own personal clientele, along side being creative director of HBH Boutique. Many people say my life is very contrasting! Growing up and going into my twenty’s, I spent a lot of time in the equestrian world. From competing to working abroad. Now in my spare time and as a hobby, I do a bit of breeding and producing of young horses. I also have my home life, that I spend with my boyfriend of several years and a lovely group of friends and family. As you can imagine, life can be a juggling act! Day to day my look can vary. When being outside it’s nice to have skin products to protect your skin from the elements, as well as perhaps having a bit of a natural look that doesn’t take time. I then have a job where appearance with my hair and makeup is important. I also love to have fun and play around with different looks, especially on a night out or even at work, as that’s one of the perks of my job. The fabulous part of being creative director of HBH Boutique, is being able to try out some fantastic products and passing on my loves and tips to others.
Sourcing Director

Claire Shaxted

I’m Claire, I’ve got two young children that keep me busy along with fitting in work in between. My background as a scientist always makes me dubious about beauty products, so I love to do some research on their ingredients first and then try them before I make my mind up – the one thing I’ve found is that, with hair and beauty products, looks can most definitely be deceiving! My absolute favourite product is Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blush, as it has so many uses it means I don’t have to carry around lots of products (my bags are already full with nappies, wipes, milk and toys!) – I use it on my eyes, lips and cheeks and find it makes me look more awake and refreshed, plus it’s super quick and easy to apply. Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blush is available in a variety of shades (some shimmery and some wonderfully matte) and to help you find your ideal shade this product can be included in our personalised boxes. Shop these here. The range is also available in our shop with a wide variety of shades available to purchase
Logistics Director

Layla Collins

I’m Layla, a working mum with two teenage girls and middle-age well and truly bedded in! My early career in the Beauty Industry led me to work with fantastic Cosmetic and Skincare brands, but what suited me back in my twenties and thirties is very different to my make up and skincare I wear now. I have seen a huge change to my skin, hair and body throughout my forties and have had to adapt my beauty regime accordingly. The one product I would never go without is Rejuvenated Collagen Shots. Life is busy, so as I am running out the door in the morning rush, I put my daily Collagen dose in my morning drink, easy! I have seen such a difference to my skin, hair and nails and although I embrace my signs of ageing and my crow’s feet lines, my skin definitely feels plumper and my hair healthier! Rejuvenated Collagen Shots are available through our bespoke beauty box, which is available here, and come with a free consultation and advice on how to use them.